Vision Day, 9th July

10 Jun Vision Day, 9th July

As you can tell from Jane’s post, we love kitchen tables – we love them the most when they are full of food and surrounded by friends! On the 9th of July we are planning to borrow a large table in Derby (well, we are planning on getting a few tables and putting them end to end, great hall style). We have invited some of our friends, family, and colleagues already to gather with us for a time of celebration, dreaming, and vision catching. If you would like to join us on this day then do get in touch, there’s always room for more!


We will be celebrating being together, the summer, and how far we have come in the last year (even though it feels like the last year has consisted of many set backs!). We will be dreaming the “what next?”, we have some ideas of where we are going, but we really value the input of others, and we are hoping that coming from the day will be more than dreams for Ruach, but that those that come will leave with a renewed vision for their own line of work as well.


We know that we are back to exploring farming apprenticeships, with the focus on the young person rather than the product they would produce. We are committed – in whichever apprenticeship we offer – to creating whole people; if this is something you can get behind, or already have experience in then we would especially love it for you to be here on the 9th.


If you would love to come, but fear it may be too far to travel in one day then fear not! Our lovely hosts have offered us some accommodation for the Friday and the Saturday night; you would be more than welcome to turn it into an entire weekend event! Of course you would also be welcome to make use of the bed space for only one of the nights!


Do let us know if you would like to come, we would love for you to be here! Email: or check out our contact us page for other ways to get in touch.



ps – if enough people say they would like to come, we might be able to source a bouncy castle for it….