The tides are changing, but the sea remains the same.

10 Mar The tides are changing, but the sea remains the same.


“The tides are changing, but the sea remains the same.”


This is a sentiment that has stuck with me for the last few months. I personally have been through a lot of change, and everywhere I work also seems to be undergoing change! My name is Shannon, and I am the new part-time administrator for The Ruach Trust.


I’ve just moved to the Midlands from the sunny and warm Isle of Wight (on the south coast), I would be lying if I said I wasn’t missing the sea. I have spent the previous 18 months working for Urban Saints Westbrook – a Christian residential centre – as the activities co-ordinator. Going from setting up activities, to doing administration, has been a surprisingly smooth transition.


When I’m not working with the wonderful CEO, Jane, I am found working for Youth-180, an associated ministry of Youth For Christ. With them I work as a mentor in a local secondary school, and run the youth work at a local church. In my spare time I will often be found in the surrounding country side, either getting lost, or helping find other people who are lost with Warwickshire Search and Rescue.


The transition from teenager to ‘adult’ for me was the hardest time of my life; not because of hormones, or transitioning to being independent, but because so much change was going on behind the scenes, including the life-changing decision of becoming a Christian. If it were not for a few really key people in my life at the time, I know I would not be the person I am today. My passion and drive for what I do now stems from that place, from the desire of either being, or enabling others to be the person that helps young people through that transitional time, often with a lot of other things going on behind the scenes. As a very brief snapshot, four of the young people I mentor were referred for anger issues; one is about to find out if her brother is in remission from cancer; one was kidnapped; one has ADHD; and the final one has grown up surrounded by social workers in a very complicated situation. They all need someone to help them through this time, to give them the skills to cope when they move on, but many of the problems won’t stop when they reach 16. So many of the opportunities young people have to get help appear to disappear at either 16 or 18, my desire is to see them having places to go, projects to get involved in, past that age. people that can still look out for them.


As I said at the beginning of this post, tides are changing, but the sea remains the same, this is true for Ruach as well. As the chapter at Highfields farm has closed, we are seeing new possibilities open up, to the bystander this may look like us rushing from one thing to another, but the truth is we are in the process of pushing the doors, and seeing which ones lead where God wants us. We are in a season of change, and just like the tide, it feels like not a lot is happening at the moment, but when we look back in a month or two, we hope to be in a position to see how the tide is now high, having made gradual changes, culminating in a big difference. As I am sure you are aware, almost any change comes with an increased need for that one topic that is most key, and least spoken about – money.

We are partnering with as many people as we can to make our progress happen with a large community around us, but there are always going to be things a partnership cannot provide, at this moment we are at a stage where we don’t know what we will be needing, however in the coming months we will certainly be asking for donations as we start a new adventure, in a new location. As the phrase goes; every little helps. Do please start thinking (and praying, if that’s your thing) about whether you are in a position to give practically or financially, however large or small that may be. If every person who read this committed to donating £10 a month each, the amount would soon add up!


Until next time (which won’t be from myself, it will be from Dave, but you understand the sentiment),