Our Objectives

Restoring Lives

We will provide opportunities for young people to fulfil their potential through apprenticeships, practical training and mentoring. Our apprentices will work under experienced workers to learn a skill, become responsible for all aspects of their role, and learn basic literacy and numeracy on the job.

Apprentices will be offered the chance to live on site and be part of The Ruach community, in a hope to further the accessibility, as well as the potential, of our training programme.

Restoring Places

We believe that hope can be found in the most derelict of places. Our projects will be centred around restoring existing buildings and projects, to bring about transformation that will benefit the local community. We long for our sites to become places where local people, communities and businesses can thrive.

Our Values

Four key values underpin everything we do at The Ruach Trust. We are convinced by the need to be:

  1. Community Minded
  2. Locally Focussed
  3. Sustainably Guided
  4. Accessible to all

Our Perspective

The Ruach Trust is a Christian organisation motivated by the principles Jesus taught and lived. We believe there is a place for the church to begin to take responsibility for the social and economic as well as the spiritual flourishing of communities.


We seek to practice integrity, compassion and care for all people regardless of background or belief. We are inclusive and passionate about serving those of all faiths or none.