Our Story

The vision for The Ruach Trust was formed in light of the alarming levels of unemployment, homelessness and hopelessness the young people of this country are facing. Some of our team came across a beautiful old school building falling into disrepair on the outskirts of Birmingham. We began to imagine how we could piece this significant building back together, and what it could be used for. The restoration of buildings such as this became a symbol of the change The Ruach Trust seeks to facilitate in the lives of Britain’s young people.

We decided to look for projects where we could mentor young people in personal and professional skills, while providing a community centre for the local area. In January 2013 we began investigating the beautiful Elvaston Estate as a remarkable potential site. The Elvaston Estate has 321 acres of parkland, and no fewer than 17 listed buildings across the site. We knew at once that Elvaston was a place where our vision for providing holistic apprenticeships could be realised, as well as the fact that it might provide brilliant opportunities for community projects, training, and volunteering.

In the knowledge that 3000 young men leave school every year without any qualifications, we are eagerly seeking out other locations where opportunities could be provided for the young people we are set up to work with.

The Ruach Trust is investing in its plans to grow and expand, with a view to equip as many young people as is possible.