A year with the Ruach Trust…

07 Jul A year with the Ruach Trust…

Editors note: This post comes to you from our lovely Chairman of Trustees, Dave!


As you have probably guessed from the title, it has been a year since I joined the Ruach Trust as a Trustee; and what a year it’s been! I’ve met some incredible people and been truly humbled by their selfless support of Ruach’s vision.


The past 12 months has been an opportunity for us to explore the vision and values of the charity and identify meaningful ways to make them a reality. Having spent time reviewing a number of projects that we are not yet ready (or in a position) to launch we’ve seen that we can be a voice in the community whilst we grow and gain experience. We believe that Jane’s involvement in a number of local projects, such as the Mill Street School Project, is an application of our objectives because we recognise the benefits to young people that will be created should those projects be a success.


Here the Ruach Trust are adding real value to community projects, cultivating relationships with future partners and sharing our vision wherever we go. Our vision day this coming Saturday, will be an opportunity to celebrate the past year and dream for the future of the Ruach Trust, but more importantly the future for young people in our communities. Please contact Shannon for more details if you’d like to come or get involved in some way.


With uncertainty surrounding the EU referendum outcome, I believe the need for organisations such as the Ruach Trust in supporting young people through training and development opportunities will only increase. If we remain on our current path we will be well placed to meet that need head on and with open arms.


A year with the Ruach Trust is not just my reflections but an offer to young people to join us on a journey from training, through community, to family. We don’t know what this looks like yet but we know it starts with our first apprentice who should be joining the team in the coming months.


We are excited about what God has planned for us and I ask that you stand with us in prayer and if you are able, please would you consider supporting our new apprenticeship scheme through the link on our website.


Finally, a huge thank you to all who make the Ruach Trust what it is. Our supporters, our Trustees, Shannon and Jane – We have become so much more than colleagues, we have become family; and that is at the heart of what we have been called to do.