Wrestling with the Failures

21 Jul Wrestling with the Failures

You may well be aware by now that we (Ruach) haven’t quite found our feet yet. There have been (and are still) some great plans, but alas they have not come to fruition; and that is hard. Mentally, physically, and spiritually. We put more than just our thoughts and our time into each tender application, and each new proposal; you would be very justified in saying that each time we come up with a new idea, we put a little bit of ourselves into it.


When you have put a little bit of yourself into quite a few projects, when you pause to take stock of where you are, you come to realise that you aren’t quite as full as you were before. You don’t have quite as much energy, you stop yourself from becoming fully invested, because you get to a stage where you have nothing left to invest. This is the stage we are approaching. This is the stage we really don’t want to be in. We want to be able to get excited, we want to be able to  give ourselves fully, and we want to commit with our minds as we push into this new opportunity.


The real question is “how?”. How do we make sure we keep on track, how do we keep pushing into the greater things still to come, how do we invest without falling apart if it doesn’t work? At this moment in time, I don’t think Jane or myself have these answers – if you have any insight please do share it with us! All we can say from our experience is the knowledge that if we stay faithful to God, He will stay faithful to us.


To those of you who are in a similar place to us, or are thinking about starting something similar, we would like to encourage you to keep going, to keep pushing, and to keep investing. In 10 years time will you be looking back and thinking about the failures you had, or will you look back and see the one thing that ‘stuck’ and took off, and is now your biggest success story? I have an inkling it’s the latter, and in no way am I saying that those failures won’t hurt, and they won’t make you take some time out to rebuild who you are, but without the failures we often don’t have the success: success often comes through trial and error.


In the words of someone who is soon to be everyone’s favourite Blue Tang fish, just keep swimming.